Merry Christmas!


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, wherever you are! This is Roger the reindeer (he doesn’t really enjoy Christmas – can you tell?!) 🙂


The making of my Christmas jumper!


Every year we go on a lovely walk from Crosspool in Sheffield to Bamford in Derbyshire, which has become known as ‘The Tinsel Tour’. Tom and his friends started it years ago and yesterday was the 11th Tour (we worked out that it was probably my 6th). The main aim of the walk is to get to a lovely pub called The Yorkshire Bridge Inn where we have lunch before moving on to other pubs. Yesterday, however, was the wettest Tinsel Tour on record and we were all absolutely soaked to the bone, so we stayed at the Yorkshire Bridge for most of the afternoon! Continue reading…

Making Christmas Cards


Making Christmas cards is so much fun, but it can also be really time consuming. I’m usually really organised and I try to be a year ahead if I can – this is because December is usually really busy for musicians, and I never know what I’ll be doing! This week I’m playing violin in the band for Snow White at the People’s Theatre in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne (and we’ve had great reviews so well done to everyone involved!). Tom is the musical director, so he’s been pretty busy to say the least! Needless to say, our Christmas cards haven’t been a top priority…but I’m trying to make a few when I can snatch a bit of time (and although I started making them last year, I didn’t quite finish!). Continue reading…