Beautiful blooms

I worked from home yesterday and on a break I took some photos of these beautiful flowers in our garden – Hadrian certainly seemed to be enjoying the weather! The black tulips are Tom’s favourite – they’re called Queen of the Night. Our neighbours have an apple tree and the blossom has just come out – it looks amazing with the blue sky behind it!


The magic of magnolia


We have a beautiful magnolia in our garden, which was here when we moved into the house but it was pot bound on the patio. We planted it out and since then it has really come on strong. But this magnolia blooms for only a short period of time – depending on the weather it may only last for a day! So when I spotted that a few flowers were blooming I had to dash out (in my pyjamas!) to get a photo. Although the weather has been glorious for the past few days it will be on the turn from tomorrow, so I reckon it was worth it even though it was starting to get dark!


Wedding waistcoats – an update!


Today I’ve managed to put together the second waistcoat (minus the buttons and buttonholes) and I’m so excited to have more than one done! 🙂 Today involved using slipstitch to sew the insides of the lining on the shoulders together, and also for finishing the bottom corners. I’d never done this before, so I’m quite pleased with the results! Continue reading…

Making wedding waistcoats


A few weeks ago, I started working on the waistcoats for our wedding with the help of a crack team of people – my Mum, Helen and our lovely friend Hilary (who was the only person with waistcoat-making experience!). I decided to make the waistcoats because we couldn’t really find anything that we liked in the shops, and as we’re making lots of other things it seemed like a good option! The waistcoats will also be a great souvenir of the day for the people who get to wear them – Tom, the three groomsmen and our Dads. So that makes a total of six…here goes! Continue reading…