Our first wedding anniversary


Can you believe it was a year on Sunday since we got married?! I can’t believe we celebrated our first anniversary this weekend! Last year, my blog was full of wedding-related posts and the run up to the big day went so fast, but this year has actually flown by as well. It has been lovely to reflect on our special day and our first year of marriage 😊 Hooray! To celebrate we had a really lovely day out and a stay in a B&B which was fab – and a lovely surprise which Tom had organised! It felt like we were on holiday…but we did have to go to work on Monday!

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Beautiful blooms

I worked from home yesterday and on a break I took some photos of these beautiful flowers in our garden – Hadrian certainly seemed to be enjoying the weather! The black tulips are Tom’s favourite – they’re called Queen of the Night. Our neighbours have an apple tree and the blossom has just come out – it looks amazing with the blue sky behind it!