Hot Cross Buns


Hot cross buns are my favourite Easter treat by far – in actual fact, I love them so much that I tend to eat them all year round! (They do sell them all year round in Marks and Spencer, which is very helpful.) I did once ask Tom’s Dad, Keith, if he would like a hot cross bun – it just happened to be on the day before Christmas Eve, and being a Methodist minister he found my mix-up of festive foods rather amusing! Continue reading…


A Christmas meal with friends


It has become tradition for us to have a pre-Christmas dinner with our friends who used to be our neighbours, and I look forward to it every year! We’re usually in different parts of the country on the day itself so it’s always wonderful to get together and cook, eat and sing some Christmas carols (this year with ukuleles!).

Here are some photos from our wonderful evening – I think my favourite is the one of mulled wine in a Winnie-the-Pooh mug which reminds me of student life! Continue reading…

Pastelitos de Boda


Pastelitos de Boda are also known as ‘Mexican Wedding Cakes’, but we only ever make them at Christmas and never really associate them with any other time of year! This recipe is from Tom’s Mum, Helen, and she’s been making them for years. It took me ages to be able to pronounce the name properly, and for a long time I called them ‘Pasty Tasty biscuits’! But whatever you decide to call them, they’re so yummy! Continue reading…