There are some changes coming for my blog over the next couple of weeks, which is really exciting! I’ve been thinking about and planning on having a major update for a little while, and now thanks to my very good friend Dan at Baltic Design, it is actually going to happen 😊 So there won’t really be much in the way of new posts until my new site goes live (at some point soon – we’re still working on it!), but it will be worth the wait. Promise! I feel like the direction of my blog is going somewhere I never imagined it would, so my blog will have a new look and a new name when it relaunches! I’m keeping that a secret for now…so you’ll have to wait and see… In the meantime, I hope you enjoy looking through the archives of my blog as it is now. See you soon on my new and improved blog!


The Liebster Award


The very lovely ladies Annika and Chloe from twolittleowlsblog have very kindly nominated me for a Liebster Award! Thank you so much! 🙂 It’s always so lovely to be nominated for a blog award! I must apologise for the delay in accepting your nomination – this week has absolutely flown by. But I now officially accept your nomination and fulfil the requirements set 🙂 Continue reading…