Our first wedding anniversary


Can you believe it was a year on Sunday since we got married?! I can’t believe we celebrated our first anniversary this weekend! Last year, my blog was full of wedding-related posts and the run up to the big day went so fast, but this year has actually flown by as well. It has been lovely to reflect on our special day and our first year of marriage 😊 Hooray! To celebrate we had a really lovely day out and a stay in a B&B which was fab – and a lovely surprise which Tom had organised! It felt like we were on holiday…but we did have to go to work on Monday!

The first place we went to was Tanfield Railway, which is just outside County Durham and it’s the oldest railway in Britain. I had never been on a steam train before, and the past few occasions when we’ve tried to go on one the steam train has been replaced by a diesel engine! 😔 So I was keeping fingers and toes crossed!


I’m pleased to say that it was a steam train – yay! We had a little potter around the train shed before we went on it too, and in keeping with tradition I bought a pencil and eraser! Here’s a little selection of some of my photos (I took quite a lot…):

We had a yummy lunch at the Black Horse pub afterwards which set us up for the afternoon, and then walked along to Birkheads Secret Gardens, which is just the most wonderful place! The owners, Christine and Mike, created the gardens from a field (amazing!) and they also have a little nursery, shop and a cafe there. It’s the perfect place for a lovely day out, and we bought a season ticket so that we can go there at different times of year. I can’t wait to go when all the helibores are out – they have so many there and it must be wonderful to see! Here’s a little gallery of some photos I took:

We stayed at Hedley Hall B&B, and I’d definitely go there again for a little weekend away – it was fab!



I’m going to put some of these photos into my Project Life album, so I’ll share my pages with you when I’ve done them! Hooray for happy weekends 😊


4 thoughts on “Our first wedding anniversary

  1. Me and my OH love going on steam trains, so romantic and feel like you are transported back to a bygone era. We have always said we would love to go to the oldest railway so glad to see it looks so gorgeous. Glad you had a lovely day too, looks like the weather stayed beautiful for it and hope you both have a great anniversary! 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary, Clare! Gosh, that year has flown – it seems like yesterday I was reading about Tom’s wedding waist coat. Where does the time go? Beautiful pictures – and gorgeous shoes! xoxoxox

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