Pyjama trousers


I’ve got completely hooked on sewing clothes recently, and have done so much sewing! I feel like I’m really getting to know my machine better and I absolutely love it. I got this super fabric a little while ago to make some pyjama trousers, but I got a bit distracted by other projects before getting around to making them! Even though I’ve learnt lots of new techniques, this project is a really simple, back to basics make – if you’re a beginner looking to start making clothes then this is a great project.


The pattern I used for these trousers is Simplicity 1520 – it’s easy to follow and there are only 3 pieces (front leg, back leg and elastic), so easy to handle as a beginner. You also don’t need to worry about pattern matching for PJs – this means you can go bonkers with pattern without worrying! πŸ™‚ This pattern has sizes for all the family too, as well as different lengths.


The bow on the front is decorative – I chose this yellow ribbon to compliment the fabric, which I made whilst watching the Tour de France in my home county of Yorkshire on the telly! I’m really pleased with the fit of these trousers too – even though they look like MC Hammer trousers when they’re hung up, they are much less baggy πŸ™‚


Ta-dah! I’ll be blogging about my other projects soon, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Pyjama trousers

    • Hello Rebecca! Ooh it’s always lovely to meet a fellow Yorkshirian 😊 Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog! (Sorry for being slow to reply…I’m ususally better at this!). You should definitely take up sewing – and this is a really easy first project!X

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