Instagram gallery: July 2014

This month involved a lot of crafting and enjoying our garden, which has given us the most wonderful blooms this year! I hope you enjoy my Instagram gallery for July!


Top to skirt alteration


I bought this top a few years ago – I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous floral pattern! I know it looks like a dress, but it really is far too short for that…! Anyway, more recently it hasn’t fit on the top half, but I was convinced that if I had the courage to do it, the bottom half would fit if I turned it into a skirt. After such a long time of wondering about it (and some inspiration from Dawn O’Porter’s tv programme, ‘This Old Thing’) I decided to give it a go. Continue reading…

Spiced lamb burgers with herbed yoghurt


Summer is well and truly here – it has even been glorious in Newcastle! We tried out this recipe at the weekend and it was so good. It’s really great to find a burger recipe with a difference, and the chilli, herbs and spices work so well with the lamb. So fire up your barbecue and get cooking!

Continue reading…

Summer sewing


Ok, I admit it: I have seriously caught the bug for sewing clothes! I’ve made quite a few things already over the past few weeks, and have got a few other projects planned too! I’m finally getting around to sewing things that I’ve wanted to make for ages, and it’s fab 🙂 Continue reading…

Simple midweek tapas


I love tapas, and whilst this isn’t the most authentic version, it can be made on a weeknight in 45 minutes to an hour – hooray! We used a couple of different recipes here and I made the other one up based on a dish we had on a night out. So this little selection is made up of garlic mushrooms, patatas bravas and a chorizo and egg dish (that’s the one I made up and can’t remember what it’s called!). Continue reading…