Work in progress: Tom’s trousers


I recently asked Tom if he would like me to make him something, as I haven’t made him anything since the wedding waistcoats and I seem to have lots of things for me planned! Anyway, he said that he’d quite like some trousers. Hmm, trousers. From what I knew about trousers, they’re quite tricky – but I like a challenge, so I said ok!


The pattern I’m using is from Burda Style No.7022, which is ‘average difficulty’ apparently! I’ve made quite a few notes to myself on the pattern so far, and it definitely seems like a pattern that would be easier the second time around. That’s assuming I make these again after I’ve finished! I am actually really pleased with them so far. I’ve had to learn quite a few skills quite quickly! This is the first time I’ve made pockets, as I avoided doing them for the waistcoats!


The back pocket took me ages – mainly because I was trying to work out what the pattern meant at this point! After a long, long time I finally got it put together, but it didn’t turn out quite as I thought it should…but it looks ok (I think!).



I think what I found most frustrating was that this is actually a fake pocket – all that effort for it to be sewn up!

The next job is to baste the legs and stitch them before I can start to put them together. Helen very kindly sent me a link to some amazing trousers on the tomofholland blog – if I can make mine to look half as good as his, I’ll be really pleased! Wish me luck! 🙂


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