Simple summer cotton top


I’ve been wanting to try out some new clothes patterns for a while now, and I decided to start with this simple cotton top – it doesn’t have a zip so it’s great if you want to have a go at sewing clothes but don’t want to tackle something too tricky.


The pattern I used is New Look 6895, and this top is design A. I chose a Liberty-esque cotton print for this top, but I’m actually going to make it as a plain one too in the future! If you are using a patterned fabric, remember to make sure the pattern matches in the right places. I just made sure that the bottom of the front and back pieces were in line here. You will also need to make bias binding out of the same fabric – I’d never done this before, but it was much easier to do than I thought, so I’m pleased to have learnt a new skill! It was a bit tricky sewing the binding around the arm holes (and I did do some unpicking), but just keep stretching it as you pin and it should be fine. I also learnt how to gather as well, although I sort of made it up really, so I’m going to have to look into doing it more systematically next time!


One small change that I did make to the pattern was that I used some 3mm ribbon for the button loop instead of making one from the same fabric. I’m SO bad at making loops, and this was my lazy alternative! I probably should learn to do it but it’s so frustrating…if anyone has any tips, please leave a comment!


I wore my top for the first time today with a denim skirt and a white cardigan – this will be great for work but also for pottering out and about. I’d recommend this pattern if you’re a beginner or a more experienced sewer, as it is easy to follow and the top is one of those classic styles that will go with so many things. Happy sewing! 🙂


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