Scrabble letters bag


Many, many years ago, I made a bag for our Scrabble letters with my Mum – here it is:



Yes, that does say ‘1993’ and I was 7 and 3/4 (the 3/4 is very important!). Unfortunately, it got a hole in the bottom and I think something was spilt on it, so we had to wash it – so the colourful tiles that I had drawn on were washed away! This lovely faded creation has served us well, but it was about time that we have a new one for the next 20 or so years.

I found this gorgeous fabric and decided that it would be perfect (I did suggest to Tom that I could make a skirt out of it, but he didn’t like that idea – it would be ‘too jazzy’ apparently!). I teamed it up with some neon pink ribbon and decided that I’d make some little Scrabble tiles with some wool felt.


The first thing I did was to draw around a Scrabble tile onto the felt, before copying the letters and points onto the felt too. Then I embroidered the letters on using split stitch.


Then I made the bag (modelled on the old one) – after folding it in half with the right sides together, I pressed seams that would allow the ribbon to pass through the top and then stitched close to the edge of the hem. Then I pinned the sides, stitched them together and then trimmed off the excess with pinking shears. After turning the bag the right way around, I pressed it.


The next step was to attach the letters – I used a small running stitch to do this.



Next, I finished the edges of the tops of the bag, before threading the ribbon through and sewing the ends together.





Here’s to many more fun games of Scrabble!


5 thoughts on “Scrabble letters bag

  1. That fabric is a Riot. If you made a skirt you could wear it with every single tank top you ever owned. Far be it for me to second guess the hubby but really, do men generally know fashion? LOL

    Very cute project Clare, how fun that you make felt tiles too. It’s so cute that you signed the first one. You really MUST keep something special in it, like a journal or something.

    • Haha! Maybe I’ll surprise him by making one anyway! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m pleased with the tiles on my new bag – and the wool felt I used didn’t fluff up around the edges, so I’ll definitely use this felt from now on!

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