Tutorial: Mini Christmas cards and envelopes


This year I decided to make mini Christmas cards and envelopes (well, A7 sized ones). This was because I found some super cool Christmas pudding paper (made by Vivid but I bought it in Fenwicks in Newcastle) that I wanted to cut up and stick on to a card, and I decided that a single pudding would have got a bit lost on a bigger card. But my Christmas plans have been incredibly last-minute and I was up until midnight on Tuesday making and writing them so that I could make the 2nd class post deadline – argh! I’m normally super organised but this November and the start of December completely passed me by!


The first thing I did was to cut some A5 card in half, and I cut around all of my Christmas puddings so that they were ready to stick on. Then I measured each bit of card and scored them with a knife so that they would fold more easily.


I stuck the puddings on the front of my cards, using cream card for the red ones and red card for the gold ones, just to add contrast. I think they look great all stood up together!



After I’d made them all, I decided to write ‘Merry Christmas’ on the bottom in gold ink – I’m glad I did because it really finished them off nicely! The next job was to make the envelopes, and I chose this lovely Caroline Gardner paper as it has a small, festive print.


I cut out the envelope shapes (you can download my mini envelope template) and folded the sides using a ruler.


Then I measured out some pieces of double-sided tape and stuck the sides down.


The final step is to measure some tape to be able to seal the envelope – just remember not to peel the backing off until you’re ready to post!


There’s still a little bit of time to make a lovely handmade card for your friends and family, so why not have a go?! If you haven’t seen my original envelope tutorial or my lined envelope tutorial then you might like to have a look! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Mini Christmas cards and envelopes

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