Christmas button tree decoration tutorial


I’m really excited to be bringing you this tutorial today, because it’s the first guest post that I’ve had on my blog! Christmas is less than two weeks away and most of you have probably either already got the tree up or will be doing so very soon. Although shop-bought tree decorations can look amazing, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your own handiwork adorning the tree. Country Baskets have put together a fantastic tutorial to make these wonderful button tree decorations which all the family can get involved in making. The process is so simple and the final result looks great, and this is such an ideal festive craft project to get Children involved with so if you have them, make sure that they are right there with you! So just follow these steps for your own Christmas button trees!

What you will need:
• Wire Reel
• Multi Pack of Buttons


Step 1

Choose your buttons from the pack, to keep it really festive choose green ones for the tree, a little yellow one for the star on top and a few nice red ones to make the pot at the bottom. This also works with different colours if you want to make something a bit more quirky. Place the buttons on top of each other to see how tall you would like the tree to be. This allows you to cut the wire to the correct length. The wire needs to be double the length of the tree and approximately 3 inches extra to create the tie at the bottom and the loop at the top for hanging.

Step 2

Begin by threading the yellow (or ‘star’) button and follow with your smallest green button. Keep going until you have your biggest green button at the bottom to make up the tree and add the red (or ‘stump’) buttons at the bottom.

Step 3

Thread the wire through two holes of each button to keep it secure.


Step 4

Twist the wire at the bottom of the tree to secure it all in place. Leave a folded length at the top of the tree, creating the hanging loop.


Ta-dah! That’s it – now you’re ready to hang it up and admire it for many years to come! 🙂


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