Vintage buttons


I’ve known our family friend Madge since I was a little girl, and even after I moved away we’ve kept in touch and I try and write letters to her as often as I can. She’s always been a knitter, but at the age of 93 has had to give it up now. Madge has the most amazing button collection (which she has kindly given to my Mum) and when I went to York last week we had a good rummage!


There are some really old buttons in there! Loads of them are so pretty, and I think we could have spent all day admiring them!


Mum kindly said that I could take these ones home 🙂 I’m so pleased with them – and I’ll probably store them up for a while until I decide what to use them for! In the meantime I can just admire them.



5 thoughts on “Vintage buttons

  1. Lucky girl, I have so many buttons but can’t resist buying more if they are interesting. I fancy your little pink four leaf clover and all the white ones too. I sometimes use them for scrapbooking too. Sorry to hear your friend Madge can’t manage knitting now, but she’ll be happy to see you enjoy the buttons I’m sure.

    • I think those ones are my favourites too 🙂 I feel like I have a great honour in deciding what they should be used for – and that’s going to take me some time! Madge has just recently moved into a home so she’s adjusting to her new life there after living in the same house for her whole life (she was born there too!). She really is an amazing woman. She used to play piano too but had to give up playing a few years ago – she very kindly gave us her piano as she said she wanted it to go to a good home! We’ve got a photo of us all on top of the piano, just to remind us of her 🙂

      • I bet that made her so happy. Do you play?

        Hard to imagine living your entire life in the house you were born in. That must be some kind of record. We’ve only been here two years and I’ve managed to get the craft room pretty full, I dread to think what’d happy after so many years. I probably wouldn’t be able to move, LOL

      • I know what you mean – we’ve got so much stuff! It is amazing that she lived there for that length of time. Before we had the piano moved up here we went to play it to her – Tom did the playing though as he’s much better than me! It was great to have a good old singalong and Madge is better at remembering song lyrics than we are!

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