A hectic week

It has been really hectic here this week because we’ve been having a new boiler and central heating fitted. This has involved moving lots of stuff around the house and generally creating mess! This is what our desk (my usual crafting space) looks like this morning:


Clearly not a lot of crafting going on here today!

But the guys who have fitted it have been wonderful, so I can put up with it for a few more hours! And I’m so grateful to have heating and hot water again 🙂

I’m hoping to be able to take pictures of my latest crafty project (that I made on Sunday night) later today. Fingers crossed! Hope you have a lovely day whatever you’re doing 🙂


One thought on “A hectic week

  1. I would imagine you’re getting the heating project done just in time. We had a power outage once at the lake and if not for our gas fireplace would have turned into a couple of popsicles. Winter has been wacky here so far. Cold days, snowy days, warm rainy days…we’re all over the map.

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