kscope – a new app


I’m always on the look-out for cool new apps, and I discovered this one the other day. It’s called kscope and is a project by Arts University Bournemouth – this is what it says on the ‘about’ section of the app:

At AUB we like to see things differently.
To look at the world from different angles.
To ask, what happens if?
Kscope is our gift to the curious. A way to create, capture and share your view.

An Arts University Bournemouth Project

The app allows you to create your own moving kaleidoscope images and you can play them back. You can include sound too, but I haven’t experimented with that yet! There are galleries that you can access through the app and see what other people have created, and you can also create your own and share them. You can create traditional kaleidoscopic images or use the feature that allows you to view your current surroundings as if through a kaleidoscope – brilliant! I’ll definitely be trying this out soon! I downloaded this from the App Store, but you can find out more on the website (click on the link above).

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