Lined wooden drawers (part 2)


I’ve had a lot of time to craft over the past few days – even more so than usual because Tom has been busy working to finish a deadline for the opera that he’s working on! So I’ve been left to my own devices and as well as trying out some new dishes, I’ve lined my other set of mini wooden drawers. I spent a while looking around for some snazzy paper for them and decided to go for some lovely scrapbooking paper because they have smaller patterns and I wanted each drawer to coordinate as a set. I found this lovely Summer Days set which was perfect!



I love the fun patterns in this collection, and they all compliment each other really well. The bright colours are really cheerful, and I’m really pleased with how they look!


I just need to make some little labels for the front of the drawers, once I’ve decided what to put in them! If you’d like to have a go at lining mini drawers yourself, you can see my original blog post for a tutorial.


4 thoughts on “Lined wooden drawers (part 2)

    • Thanks Kelly! I am trying to brighten things up a bit and keep control over my craft stuff – me and Tom share our little spare room as a craft space and study, and I’m aware that my stuff is taking over a bit! Oops…

    • Ooh good plan! I picked these up in tkmaxx – they get them in the home section every now and again so it’s worth popping in. They have loads of great home stuff if you’re buying things for your new house – especially the kitchen selection!

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