Millionaire’s Flapjack


This is a delicious combination which makes normal flapjack just that bit more special. The recipe is from the Gu Chocolate Cookbook (another book that comes highly recommended if you have a sweet tooth – you’ll want to make everything! I’ll definitely make these again but will probably double the flapjack amounts and chocolate – we used a brownie pan to make it in, and it didn’t stretch quite far enough. I’ve written the original amounts here. It does taste really good if you chill the flapjack in the fridge overnight before baking, just to make it really chewy. Continue reading…


Instagram gallery: October 2013

October was a busy month for me on Instagram – so many pictures to choose from! These are some of my favourites 🙂

Out and about in Sheffield

We were down in Sheffield this weekend for a wedding (which was amazing – congratulations to Joe and Alexis!). We had a bit of time before we had to catch our train and decided to go for a wander around the Winter Gardens and the Peace Gardens. There are some amazing exotic plants in the Winter Gardens and the water features in the Peace Gardens have beautiful glistening colours, especially on a sunny autumn day. I’ve only used filters on two of the photos to make them a little lighter (the Walking Man sculpture by George Fullard, and the view of the Peace Gardens with the Ferris wheel in the background). If you’re in the city then you should definitely go and have a wander around – there’s also a fantastic exhibition at the Millennium Gallery called Circle of Fire: A Sheffield Sound Map by Chris Watson  (running until Sunday 23rd February 2014) which is well worth a visit.

Honey Ricotta Cheesecake


I have a really sweet tooth, but strangely I don’t really crave chocolate or sweets very much. Cake and cheesecake are a different matter though! I decided to make this because I had some leftover ricotta cheese from making spicy chorizo and ricotta stuffed ravioli last weekend, and I wanted to make something new and sweet. Continue reading…

Amy Butler A-line Skirt


I haven’t made any clothes or done any big sewing projects since making our wedding waistcoats, but I’ve been planning several things and collecting fabrics to make them! I really like A-line skirts as they’re not too tricky to make and are really versatile, so I decided to start with this project first. This was the first piece of clothing that I ever made when I was first getting in to sewing – then I had a bit of a lull for a while before really getting back into it. Here’s a photo of that skirt, which I made using Amy Butler fabric: Continue reading…