Instagram gallery: September 2013

Here is my Instagram gallery for September! For more photos, visit my Instagram page.


5 thoughts on “Instagram gallery: September 2013

  1. I like how you’ve arranged all your pictures in the circles. As I am slightly instagram obsessed at the moment, I thought about doing a similar post. How did you do the circle arrangement!? ( I’m clearly behind with the times).

    • Ooh you should definitely do it – I love your Instagram photos! 🙂 when you’ve uploaded and selected your photos (just before you click ‘insert gallery’), there’s a drop-down option on the right hand side. Can’t remember what it is called! Will have a look and will get back to you!

    • Just had a quick look – there should be a drop-down box called ‘type’ and that changes the format of the blog post. I’ve got lots of options on this wordpress theme, but on my business website I don’t have the same options (on that one I can do squares or a slideshow!). I hope this helps! I’m not the most technically minded person..!

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