The fascinating world of blogging

I find blogging fascinating. I suppose it’s also partly that the internet is such an amazing thing, and if I stop to think about it I can’t really believe that anyone would want to read what I’m babbling on about! But it is amazing, especially engaging with people you don’t know but when you get into conversations about shared passions then you really feel like you do know them a little.

My blog reached 1000 views last month and this felt like a huge milestone! I’ve got quite addicted to looking at where the views have come from, and as you can see from the photo below, there are quite a few now:


I usually end up telling Tom which countries have been ‘today’s countries’ and get excited when I ‘add a new one’ – it’s ok though, he’s still going to marry me! I have got quite a collection now, but I think the coolest flag has to be the Seychelles. Hello to you if you live in the Seychelles and dropped by to check out my blog! In fact, hello to you all đŸ™‚


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