A love of owls


I love owls. They have been quite popular over the last couple of years, and so my love of owls has grown even more and now they have taken over our home (in a good way!) Our neighbours a couple of doors up have seen a tawny owl in their rather large tree at the end of the garden, but he is even more elusive than the little robin that I posted about last week! So I can’t post a picture of a real live owl, but I do have many other lovely owls to share with you.

It started with a cushion:


This was the first owl cushion that I bought…it turned out to be the first of many (and someone else bought me another of the same cushions, so they make a good pair!)


I also found a smaller version of my original owl cushion as a doorstop in a gorgeous selection of green fabrics. These owls are made by Sass & Belle and are gorgeous! The bright pink square cushion was from the Gloucester City Museum shop and was a bargain at only £8! I can’t see them on their website to buy online, so not sure if they are still available.

I have also accumulated a selection of little owls that are dotted around the living room:



The two owls on the left were made by Tom’s aunt out of a pair of old socks! Owls are starting to take over my craft space too – this is my knitting bag:


The most individual owl that we have was made by our lovely friend, Sonia. She carved it out of a knot in a tree that used to be in our front garden, and as it was an ash tree, we had to name him Ashley!


My final owl shows just how far the love of owls has spread recently – apparently it tasted good!



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