A weekend in Edinburgh: Edinburgh Castle


It was my birthday a few weekends ago and we decided that we would spend it in Edinburgh. I’ve never been before, despite it being quite close – except for the time when I changed trains in Edinburgh in order to travel to Perth! Over the few days running up to the weekend, the UK was hit with rather a lot of snow, and I was wondering if we would make it. Ironically, there wasn’t too much snow there so it seemed that by going to Scotland we actually escaped the worst of it!


We hadn’t really planned to do anything in particular while we were there, but I knew I wanted to go to the castle. I love castles and find them absolutely fascinating. What was a surprise to me was that there is so much to see at Edinburgh Castle, with lots of different museums inside, barracks, a chapel – all sorts of things! Definitely a must-see if you go to visit. We spent the whole of the Saturday there and it was a fantastic day out.





I really love stained glass windows, and there were some beautiful windows in chapel. And to think that at various points through history it was nearly demolished!



The castle provides excellent views over the city, and I took loads of photos throughout the day. The snow looks beautiful but it was absolutely freezing! The sun did come out briefly though, as you can see in the next two photos.



A fantastic day out – a must if you’re visiting the city!


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