A lovely January day in the garden


Today was the first day for several months that we have been able to get out in the garden. Although we have been pretty busy, the main reason for this is that the weather was so terrible last year and whenever we wanted to get out it was pouring with rain! So it’s quite ironic that we had a lovely day in the garden in January, with no breeze and quite a good temperature after being stuck inside for the whole of last summer!

The main job for today was to finish chopping and weaving our willow fedge. I like the word ‘fedge’ (although my spell checker doesn’t). It’s a combination of ‘fence’ and ‘hedge’ – a great creation. We planted it a couple of years ago in order to replace two conifer hedges that were there when we moved in. We chose willow because it grows quickly, is easy to maintain and provides a natural alternative to fences which is more narrow than other hedging plants. It was also fairly cheap and because you can re-plant what you chop off the top, it is sustainable too. Ours came from Yorkshire Willow and the service was excellent.

Because our fedge has been growing for two years now, we’re getting to a point where were are running out of space to plant the cut-offs. So we saved some of the longer pieces to make some willow supports for growing sweet peas later in the year, and some of the shorter pieces are drying out in preparation for an attempt at weaving a basket at some point! There were some beautiful catkins on some pieces of willow, and I’ve put a few from the left over bits in a vase.


I think that spring is my favourite time of year for gardening, and today I caught the first signs that it is on its way! It’s always so exciting to see the bulbs popping up and these daffodils will hopefully be the first of many.




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