Adventures in knitting


I’m very proud of this funny-looking piece of knitting! It’s the first thing I’ve knitted since I was about 6 or 7 years old, when I used to knit scarves for my cuddly toys. But they had so many holes in I’m surprised that they held together! I’ve been considering learning to knit for quite some time, and having seen a lovely pattern for some owl wrist warmers in issue 21 of Mollie Makes I decided that I have to learn in order to make them (eventually…).

Helen (Tom’s mum) very kindly showed me how to knit during the holiday, and this is the result of a few days of experimenting. You can probably spot where I knitted instead of purled for a row, and there are one or two holes and parts where the tension was wrong- but I’m just so pleased that I managed to do it! I experimented with different needles and found that wooden ones were much easier to use because they weren’t as slippery as metal ones. I found it quite difficult to knit with the blue wool because it contains lots of cotton, and Helen only had some spare black wool but we decided that if I can learn by knitting with black wool I can probably do anything!

As I went along, Helen showed me how to correct my mistakes so that I’ll hopefully be able to do it myself. There were many opportunities for me to practise! On the final day she showed me how to do ribbed knitting (knit 2, purl 2) and I’m planning to use this to knit a scarf. Helen’s advice was to buy some wool that I love and to experiment, so that’s what I plan to do! I bought some lovely merino wool yesterday and will hopefully get started this weekend. I hope I can remember what to do…I suppose if it goes wrong I can just undo it and start again, which is the great thing about knitting!



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