A weekend in Edinburgh: Edinburgh Castle


It was my birthday a few weekends ago and we decided that we would spend it in Edinburgh. I’ve never been before, despite it being quite close – except for the time when I changed trains in Edinburgh in order to travel to Perth! Over the few days running up to the weekend, the UK was hit with rather a lot of snow, and I was wondering if we would make it. Ironically, there wasn’t too much snow there so it seemed that by going to Scotland we actually escaped the worst of it! Continue reading…


Chicken and Vegetable Cobbler


My goodness, it has been ages since I wrote a post! It has been such a busy couple of weeks – we’ve been away the past two weekends, I’ve been getting used to doing a slightly different job at work and have just generally been quite busy! But I’m back and hoping to get into posting regularly again. Continue reading…

A walk in the Lakes


I haven’t had much time for crafting over the past few days so I thought I’d post a few photos from another holiday walk. As I mentioned in my previous post Wandering Around Maryport it’s really easy to get to the Lake District from Maryport, which is brilliant. On the eve of New Year’s Eve we decided to walk part of the way around Ulterwater. Continue reading…

Wandering around Maryport


We spent the run up to New Year and the first few days of 2013 in Maryport in Cumbria. Maryport is a quiet little fishing port and is a little off the tourist trail, but that’s exactly why I love it! You can access the Lake District very easily from Maryport and it’s easy to get to from Newcastle. Tom’s family has links there and so we go quite often. Continue reading…

New drawers


I was so pleased to find these amazing wooden drawers in TK Maxx today – what a bargain! Actually, they weren’t the ones that I originally found…I popped in on my lunch break and saw a bigger set in darker wood, which were beautiful. I stood and admired them, did a lot of hmm-ing and decided to go back for them later. Big mistake! I was trying to be good…won’t do that again!


I was really pleased to get this last set, and it was half the price of the other one so I saved money! I’m going to use them to keep my haberdashery bits and bobs in, and am considering lining each drawer with different patterned papers. I’ll post some more photos when they’re done!