The making of my Christmas jumper!


Every year we go on a lovely walk from Crosspool in Sheffield to Bamford in Derbyshire, which has become known as ‘The Tinsel Tour’. Tom and his friends started it years ago and yesterday was the 11th Tour (we worked out that it was probably my 6th). The main aim of the walk is to get to a lovely pub called The Yorkshire Bridge Inn where we have lunch before moving on to other pubs. Yesterday, however, was the wettest Tinsel Tour on record and we were all absolutely soaked to the bone, so we stayed at the Yorkshire Bridge for most of the afternoon!

We usually wear our Santa hats for the walk, and for the 10th anniversary last year we did it in fancy dress – I went as a present made from a large box, which was ok for walking but not for sitting! This year we all wore Christmas jumpers, which gave me the opportunity to make my own (hooray!). I bought the jumper from good old Marks and Spencer and drew out a template for Rudolph, checking that it was the right size.


I used dark brown felt for his antlers and some beige corduroy for his face to give a different texture. I decided to use googly eyes and a pom-pom for a nose (which took ages to make – thanks to Tom for his help!). I used my sewing machine for this but it did take a while to sew some bits, particularly the antlers. But I’m so pleased with the finished jumper! Will definitely have to wear it on Christmas Day!



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