Making Christmas Cards


Making Christmas cards is so much fun, but it can also be really time consuming. I’m usually really organised and I try to be a year ahead if I can – this is because December is usually really busy for musicians, and I never know what I’ll be doing! This week I’m playing violin in the band for Snow White at the People’s Theatre in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne (and we’ve had great reviews so well done to everyone involved!). Tom is the musical director, so he’s been pretty busy to say the least! Needless to say, our Christmas cards haven’t been a top priority…but I’m trying to make a few when I can snatch a bit of time (and although I started making them last year, I didn’t quite finish!).


The cards that I’m making are super easy – I found some fantastic wrapping paper to cut up, and to save more time I’m using ready made cards too. Usually I make exciting envelopes but I just don’t have the time! The paper I’ve used is designed by Caroline Gardner, who always has the most gorgeous designs. I decided to cut out the reindeer in groups of three, and this means that you get three different reindeer on each card.


The next stage is to mount the reindeer on some gold paper, which was only about £3 for a roll and I can use the rest for wrapping presents! This provides some contrast between the white paper and cream card and gives the cards and extra Christmassy feel. I left about 1cm around the edge and then stuck it onto the card.


I absolutely love making exciting envelopes, but have been really pressed for time so I’m using the plain envelopes that came with the ready-made cards. To make them a little more Christmassy I’ve stamped a little robin in the corner on the front and another on the back. This is a great stamp from Make Your Mark – they have a little shop in York and an online store too – and I use this stamp for so many things all year round.


I’d love to see your Christmas card designs – let me know if you’ve been blogging about them! 🙂


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