A cold and frosty morning

A frosty leaf

A frosty leaf

I love cold and sunny winter mornings when everything is covered in frost. It always looks so beautiful! Now is the time of year when I only really get to appreciate my garden at the weekend when we’re not going anywhere, because during the week it’s dark when we go to work and dark when we come home. This year was a write-off when it comes to the garden – it rained so much this summer that I spent most of my time looking out of the window at the rain and wondering if it would ever stop!


So today I’m at home, just doing a few jobs around the house and a bit of crafting this afternoon, and I decided to go out and take a few photos. The frosty leaves look so wonderful – I’m glad I went out just when the light was right!



When we first moved in to our house (which is almost three years ago now) there were various garden ornaments which the previous owners had left behind. I’m not really a huge fan of garden ornaments, so the meerkats were quickly disposed of, but there was one that I couldn’t bring myself to throw away. This could be to do with the fact that we gave him a name, so I felt a bit more attached to him – thank goodness I didn’t name the meercats! This is Hadrian, and he still lives in our garden:

Hadrian's knitted scarf keeps him warm all year round!

Hadrian’s knitted scarf keeps him warm all year round!

I’m not sure if he is actually Roman – I suppose he could be Greek…But we live near to the Newcastle end of Hadrian’s Wall, so we couldn’t really call him anything else! Tom’s Mum thought that he looked a bit chilly when she first saw him, and decided to knit him a scarf with scraps of wool that she had left over from sock knitting. I’ve heard that a mini bobble hat might be on the way at some point too, so he’ll be toasty warm all year round!



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