York Minster on Boxing Day


The weather has been pretty gloomy throughout the Christmas period, but York Minster always looks beautiful whatever the weather. We went for a wander on Boxing Day (and braved the sales too) and I took a few photos – the light wasn’t brilliant, but I thought I’d share them with you anyway! I’ll be going back to York quite a lot during 2013 so hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to take some on a sunny day. Continue reading…

Kitsch Christmas Cake


We spent Christmas in York with my Mum and Dad this year, and had such a wonderful time! It was really lovely to relax and spend some time with them. I just had to share this photo of the cake Mum had made – she said she’d decorated it how I used to do it when I was younger, which is basically fitting as many decorations as possible on the top! I love the kitsch style of it, and it tasted amazing too!


A Christmas meal with friends


It has become tradition for us to have a pre-Christmas dinner with our friends who used to be our neighbours, and I look forward to it every year! We’re usually in different parts of the country on the day itself so it’s always wonderful to get together and cook, eat and sing some Christmas carols (this year with ukuleles!).

Here are some photos from our wonderful evening – I think my favourite is the one of mulled wine in a Winnie-the-Pooh mug which reminds me of student life! Continue reading…

The making of my Christmas jumper!


Every year we go on a lovely walk from Crosspool in Sheffield to Bamford in Derbyshire, which has become known as ‘The Tinsel Tour’. Tom and his friends started it years ago and yesterday was the 11th Tour (we worked out that it was probably my 6th). The main aim of the walk is to get to a lovely pub called The Yorkshire Bridge Inn where we have lunch before moving on to other pubs. Yesterday, however, was the wettest Tinsel Tour on record and we were all absolutely soaked to the bone, so we stayed at the Yorkshire Bridge for most of the afternoon! Continue reading…

Pastelitos de Boda


Pastelitos de Boda are also known as ‘Mexican Wedding Cakes’, but we only ever make them at Christmas and never really associate them with any other time of year! This recipe is from Tom’s Mum, Helen, and she’s been making them for years. It took me ages to be able to pronounce the name properly, and for a long time I called them ‘Pasty Tasty biscuits’! But whatever you decide to call them, they’re so yummy! Continue reading…