Happy day

Today has been such a lovely day! When I have a day at home (which doesn’t happen too often at the moment) what I usually try to do is fill it with all of the things that I want to do. And the list is usually quite long, so what happens is that I faff around and then don’t really achieve anything! So I tried not to do that today, and surprisingly achieved quite a lot 🙂 Note to self: must not try to fit too many plans in the day in future…

So I’ve done a bit of envelope and card making for a craft fair in a few weeks, managed to fit in a few chores and Tom and I have also made a pizza and it’s in the oven now. It smells amazing! I’ve been taking photos as we made it, which takes me back to my days of GCSE Food Technology. My final project was a low-fat fish pie, which I made about 10 times and had to take photos each time. When we sat down to eat it, it was always cold and we’ve never really forgotten that experience as a family! Now I’m much better at photography (and cooking) so we shouldn’t have that problem tonight!

I’ll put up a couple of posts later today or tomorrow with the recipes for the tomato sauce we use for pizza topping, and how to make the dough. Super easy and so tasty – you’ll never want to buy pizza again!

Hope you’re having a lovely day whatever you’re doing 🙂


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