Make Do And Mend

Make Do And Mend – my wonderful haberdashery box!

I’m still trying to get used to my new working patterns at the moment. I’m a real morning person, but the classes that I teach are mainly in the afternoon and in the evening now, and it is proving to be a bit tricky re-adjusting my body clock! The good thing is that if I have a late class I do get some time off in the morning, which gives me a bit of time to catch up with the housework or even fit in a bit of crafting. This morning I decided to mend a couple of things which meant that I could get out my lovely haberdashery box (a gift from my Mum and Dad last year).

Sewing on a button, steps 1 and 2

The first item that needed mending was my lovely purple coat, as one of the buttons was hanging on by a thread. I’ve got a good tip for sewing buttons on clothes which I thought I should share with you. Basically, you need to use a cocktail stick! Thread a medium-sized needle and thread through the back and up through the button. Place the cocktail stick over the button (see above left) and then sew diagonally as you would normally. Once you have done this a few times, remove the cocktail stick and then thread through the material but not through the button (see below left).

Wrap the cotton around where you have sewn (underneath the button – see left). Right – the finished button.

Wrap the cotton around where you have sewn – you must do this underneath the button but on top of the material. When you have done this a few times, thread through the material and then finish off at the back. Ta-dah! This is the finished button – and I just had to show you the lining of my coat as I love the print so much!

I also fixed my gorgeous owl cushion as the eye fell off months ago, and it has been one of those jobs that has been on my to-do list for ages. I didn’t make this cushion (although I might have a go at making my own version one day!).

Finally, my owl has his other eye back!


Mollie Makes Christmas

I’m also very excited because my copy of the new Mollie Makes book arrived yesterday! As with all new craft books, I flick through the pages and decide that I’m going to make EVERYTHING! But there probably won’t be enough time to do that this year…we’ll see!

This is a really gorgeous book, and as with all Mollie Makes things it seems really easy to follow and there is lots of information about the designers of the projects. Will definitely have to check out some new blogs I think…but I’ve just realised what time it is eek! Look out for a recipe post later today. Have a great day! ๐Ÿ™‚

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